• Great Gold Medal for Budureasca at Mondial de Bruxelles


    We are proud to announce that Budureasca has obtained the Great Gold Medal at the famous wine contest Mondial de Bruxelles, for Origini Sauvignon Blanc 2014, the only romanian varietal wine that won the highest distinction (the same medal was awarded for Solo Quinta, from Recas, but in the wine blends category).


    This result is very special for us, because of the nature of this competition. Every year, a number of 8000 wines participate at Mondial de Bruxelles, and only a select few (less than 1%) get to win a Great Gold Medal. Budureasca's success has ended a bad streak for Romania, because our country wasn't been able to win a Great Gold Medal in the last several years at a competition of this magnitude.

  • Special offer for Daphix and Zenovius Premium wines


    Our online shop features a new special offer, which is only active for a limited period. If you place an order of two Daphix and / or Zenovius wines from our Premium range, you receive a mini-bottle of Merlot (at 375ml) free of charge, as a gift from us. You can order two bottles from the same wine (either Daphix or Zenovius), or one bottle from each of the two varieties. For extra details on this offer, please make sure you visit our online shop.

  • Great Gold Medal for Budureasca at Vinvest Timisoara


    We are very happy to announce that Noble 5, our special blend of 5 noble grapes, has recently received the Great Gold Medal at National Wine Contest Vinvest Timisoara. It is the second year in a row when one of our wines receives the grand prize at this competition.


    Also, we have received several other important medals. Gold for Zenovius, from our Budureasca Premium range, and for Cabernet Sauvignon Origini, and silver medals for both Sauvignon Blanc Origini and Feteasca Regala The Vine in Flames -- our special export range, dedicated for external markets.

  • Special offer for Premium Sauvignon Blanc and Premium Fume wines


    Budureasca introduced a new special offer for Premium Sauvignon Blanc and Premium Fume wines.


    If you order on-line, from our shop, 5 wines from these two wine varieties, you will receive an extra bottle of wine as a gift from us. The offer comes with a limited duration and can be visualized in our online shop for further details.

  • We Released Exuberant Collection along with 11+1 Special Offer


    Exuberant is one of the latest ranges of Budureasca wines  and it is mostly but not exclusively intended  for the events sector, adresability also expressed by the festive packiging elements. 


    In fact, this collection has been created from our desire to be close to the most important moments of your life with special wines - medium dry, fresh, fruitful and well balanced. Wines that you will find in our on-line store along with the special 11+1 offer from the official release. 

  • Special tasting at Budureasca before Easter


    A week before Easter 2014, on 12th of April, starting at 11.00 o`clock, we invite you to our wine cellar to a special tasting and we promise you will spend a great time in a great atmosphere. We will walk through the vineyard and the winery, we will taste various wines and you will be able to select the ones that best fit Roast Lamb or Pascal.


    Tasting includes interior and exterior tour of the winery, visit of tanks and barrels areas and tasting of 5 wines in the company of our winemaker.


    For further details on quotations and appointments, post your messages at the following email address:  degustari@budureasca.ro.

  • Trinket Gifts from Budureasca


    The month of March has a very special meaning for the ladies so we invite you to offer them real trinket gifts from Budureasca.


    You may keep the smile on the face of people you appreciate by offering them unique surprises at the arrival of spring - wines from our Bristena collection accessorized in tune with March.

    You may post your orders online in our online store or at  comenzi@budureasca.ro.

  • Valentine`s Day at Budureasca


    We invite you to offer your loved ones a special gift  that Budureasca prepared for  Valentine`s Day. The gift package include our most recently released wine - Noble 5  and a voucher for wine tasting. The voucher may be used in the following 6 months since it was acquired. The tasting include indoor and outdoor tour of the wine cellar with access in the barrels and tanks areas, presentation of the winery and the tasting of 5 wines in the copmpany of our winemaker…and the Noble 5  bottle of wine will be just perfect for Valentine's Day evening.


    You find more details on rates and how to purchase the gift package on our online store.

  • Enjoy Noble 5 wine from Budureasca at the passing into the new year!


    We invite you to spend the most awaited timeof passing into the fast approaching New Year accompanied by Noble 5 wine, the latest release of Budureasca Collections.


    Noble 5 is a wonderful red blend made ​​from five noble grape varieties and resembles an ancient royal familie who ruled these lands for centuries - cabernet sauvignon is the King, pinot noir is the Queen, merlot is the Elder Prince, shiraz is the Young Prince and feteasca neagra in the Princess ... you will discover in Noble 5 a strong personality where varieties are trying to dominate each other giving this wine its unique features, complexity and nobility.


    You may place the orders on our on-line store or at the email: magazin.mizil@budureasca.ro

  • Corporate Christmas Tasting


    Budureasca offer you the Corporate Christmas Tasing - a complete event and a special gift for your employees and partners. The joy of spending time together will be multiplied by the 1 hour trip outside Bucharest to your destination, Budureasca winery, situated in the middle of 300 ha of wineyard. We welcome you with a walk in the winery and the wineyard and tell you about 3 million litre storage capacity,over 50.000 litre storage capacity in 250 bariques, 100 tone per day processing capacity, 4.000 square meters of burried construction.


    Atferwards we invite you to a wine tasting followed by a buffet dinner with one of our menus. We can arrange for ambient music, carols or other options of entertaining depending on the way we will put toghether the perfect event for your company.


    The corporate events organized by Budureasca hold the highest standards of profesionalism and style to please even the most demanding participant.

  • 8 Gold Medals for Our Wines

    We reconfirmed the quality of Budureasca wines by the aknowledgment we recently received at world class competitions. Mundus Vini (Germany) granted us with three gold medals: for Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 – Origini range which was also ranked as the "best Romanian red wine in 2013",  for Shiraz 2011 - Origini range and Merlot 2011 – Budureasca range. We have achieved silver medals for: Fume 2012  & Feteasca Neagra 2011 - Budureasca Premium range and Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 - Budureasca range.

    Also, at Berliner Wine Trophy competition that recently took place in Germany, we were awarded with  5 gold medals - Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 & Merlot 2011 - Budureasca range, Fume 2012 & Feteasca Neagra 2011 - Budureasca Premium range and Shiraz 2011 - Origini range .  We achieved silver for Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 - Origini range.


    These 8 gold medals and 4 silver medals add to our portfolio of over 100 gold, silver and bronze medals already achieved by Budureasca at international competitions.

  • Bristena Collection - NEW!


    The novelty of this week is Bristena -  our recently launched collection intended primarily but not exclusively for ladies. The wines in this collection are made from grapes selected from vines that are over 60 years old, giving great characteristics and good structure to the wines. They are all fresh, medium sweet wines with intense floral and fruity flavours. The packaging and vibrant visual elements on the almost painted label give an air of femininity and the flowers represent its sweet and delicate flavours. The name Bristena was especially chosen due to its Dacian connotation. Moreover, it is said that Bristena was “Dacians` daughter” – a brave little girl who helped Dacians repeatedly to defend the country from enemies and even released from prison a large number of people, including her father.


    Returning to our Bristena collection, it actually comprises Romanian varieties Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Busuioaca de Bohotin and we consider complete the collection with Muscat Ottonel variety. 

  • Budureasca Contest

    As of 1st of March 2013 until the end of the year, we offer you the opportunity to become one of the winners of the contest "About Budureasca".

    Read every week's question, posted on our facebook page www.facebook.com/Budureasca, send your reply to office@budureasca.ro together with your contact details and you can become, by drawing lots, the winner of one of the Four wines Budureasca granted monthly in the contest. The contest rules available on our facebook page www.facebook.com/Budureasca.

    We also offer you the opportunity to become winner in the contest "Budureasca online". Place your orders on our online store http://magazin.budureasca.ro/, and depending on the aggregate value of orders within maximum five calendar months, you can win a gift voucher worth 120 lei, in one of our partner restaurants. The contest rules available on our facebook page www.facebook.com/Budureasca.

  • Focus on bottled wine segment

    From the very beginning the focus of our company was to produce quality wine, and in spite of the fact that cellar`s history is not that long, the careful attention paid to every detail brought us to win an important share of the wine market in Romania.

    Experience, talent and devotion of the people here, the strategy of selective exploitation of vineyard surfaces and the reach to maturity of varieties planted years ago have enabled us to capitalize by bottling most of the wine production at a high quality level.

    Thus, our development strategy for the next period aims primarily to bottled wine segment, which is imposed on one hand by the high quality of wine, and on the other hand by the high level of demand for this product category.

    As such, the amount of wine available in bulk form is much diminished as compared to early years, and in these circumstances the short-term strategy of equipping wineries in franchise system is no longer valid. 

  • Shiraz shines at Budureasca

    Behold Shiraz shines not only in the Rhône Valley. This wine's fame is now confirmed in Romania by the Budureasca's Shiraz.

    Shiraz by Budureasca dry 2011 can be joined to the most famous Shiraz wines in the world, which confirm again the recently obtained medals at international specialty competitions:

    Shiraz du Monde (France) 2012 - where it received a silver medal, competing with wines from another 18 countries among: France, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and Decanter (UK) 2012 - where he won the bronze medal, also competing with wines from countries of reference for the industry.

    Shiraz by Budureasca dry 2011 focuses all these specific features variety, but it also has a distinct personality that gives uniqueness: Dark ruby color, complex aromas of spice, black fruit and oak notes sublime, all in a seamless integration in despite the young age of the wine.

  • We meet at autumn fair!

    At the VINTEST Wine Salon (Palace Hall - Oct., 2012) Budureasca has encountered loyal customers and potential customers - quality wine lovers with a carefully chosen selection of wines that have been awarded this year at the most representative international competitions.

    We enjoyed to welcom at our stand more than 150 visitors, among whom we gladly found real consumers interested in wine and his story and we were pleased to see that Budureasca wines - especially Shiraz and Fume - were ranked as top choices.
    And because we still have many Romanian noble wine "to tell" and taste, and because events for the fall season is in full swing, we invite and welcome you to visit us and Good Wine - Bucharest and ProVino - Iasi to continue the story of Budureasca wines.